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Delightful food magazine Delightfully food magazine recently ranked France’s restaurants by the best in terms of burger quality.

The magazine found that most of the world’s best burger chains are based in France.

The best burger restaurants in France are:Brasil’s Boulud – a small, family-owned chain known for its burgers and fries;Boulevard de l’Espagne – a large chain of restaurants in Paris and its environs;L’Enfant Sauvage – a family-run chain of bistros;Sous Le Chocolat – a traditional French bakery;Langepaul – a fine restaurant;Le Bourget – a gastronomic hotspot;Tournay – a Michelin-starred restaurant;Ribault de la Fume – a chain of delis;Mondelez – a specialty coffee shop;Vieux et Provence – a French food and beverage company;Cambrai – a restaurant that specializes in fine dining;The Burgundy Restaurant – a classic French restaurant;La Manche – a casual dining destination;Mélange Des Fleurs – a popular wine bar;Les Dames d’Esclaves – a boutique restaurant;Mondeau de Londres – a place to relax in the mountains;Les Bourgoles – a trendy restaurant with a lot of character;Lignes de la Mer – a contemporary restaurant;Lagerberg – a charming and popular restaurant;Touche d’Or – a well-known wine bar with a modern flair;Le Mer de Bourgolas – a cozy and romantic restaurant.

“In general, France is known for quality,” said magazine director Jean-Pierre Dansin.

“The best places to go to for quality food are in Paris, Londons, Rouen, and the Riviera.”

The magazine’s editors also found that the best burger joints in France have been established in recent years.

“If you’re in Paris you should have the chance to go and experience all of the best places in Paris,” said Dansins.

“You’ll find a lot more variety in France than in the United States, which has a lot fewer restaurants, so it is important to try them all.”

We’ve seen many of the top burgers in France come from very small restaurants that are very popular with people who want to get their food from small places.

“Read more about food and restaurants in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France and the United Kingdom.

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