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After taking on a job as a cook at a popular restaurant in Costa Rican capital, San José, I was inspired by a story that I heard. 

It was about a friend who worked at a local bakery in the US, and who, like me, had grown up in the UK. 

The baker was also working at a restaurant in San José and had just started working with the local chefs. 

They asked her to take on a small project, to help them improve their food. 

“I took a bite out of the croissant and it was like a dream come true,” she said. 

After six months of working as a pastry chef at the restaurant, the bakery was ready to open their doors. 

We started by putting together a menu that had a good mix of traditional and modern food, with a focus on flavours and flavoursome flavours. 

My boyfriend, who was working at the bakery, and I set out to make sure it was the right food.

We had to find the right ingredients, and a few months in, I discovered the perfect ingredients.

The pastry was a bit more complicated than I thought it would be. 

A couple of weeks later, the restaurant opened its doors and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I spent about three months with the bakery and they were great. 

And that was the start of the journey that is my journey of learning about the Caribbean.