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HOUSTON – The new Houston restaurant that has opened for the first time in four years will bring diners to a familiar neighborhood to celebrate a holiday.

Houston’s newest restaurant, Delish, will open for the 2017 season at 604 S. Broadway.

The restaurant has two restaurants on the first floor, including the two-story space overlooking the Houston River that sits next to Delish’s kitchen and kitchenette.

The restaurant’s restaurant menu includes dishes such as shrimp fried steak with fried eggplant, shrimp macaroni and cheese, and shrimp with mashed potatoes.

The restaurant is a partnership between the Houston Texans and local food vendor, Blue Moon, which specializes in making dishes for the family-friendly dining table.

The Houston Rockets announced on Tuesday that they would be opening a new team store on the corner of Houston and Houston Street in the West End.

The Houston Rockets and the Houston Rockets’ West End store are scheduled to open in mid-January.