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This restaurant has an incredible food menu and a $10 million food budget.

The chef’s daughter said the food is so good that they are willing to pay more than the average cost of an American dinner at a fancy restaurant.

The restaurant, which also sells organic, local, and vegan dishes, has two locations in Texas and three in Los Angeles.

The owner of the restaurant, Ashley D. Smith, said her family has been doing this business for more than a decade.

She said the family is always looking for new places to open up and is planning to expand into more locations.

When I opened this place, I thought I’d be the only place that could do that, she said.

The menu consists of a huge amount of ingredients.

I think it’s the best food I’ve ever tasted, she told CNNMoney.

She also said the staff is so amazing and the food taste so good.

They make sure that everything is fresh, and they do it in a way that is very efficient.

The food costs a lot, but we pay that, because we know that the food we make is the best, she added.