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I’m not sure why I love chicken nugget pizza so much.

It’s hard to justify the time spent on this, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the novelty factor.

It takes so long to get the toppings on a chicken nuge, it feels like an effort to get to the next one.

But it’s worth it because these nuggets are good.

They have plenty of flavor and texture.

The crust is soft and chewy, and the texture is like a cake.

The filling is the main attraction, though it’s not the only thing on the menu.

The chicken nuggles are baked and served in a thick, sweet and tangy gravy.

The gravy is topped with cheddar cheese and melted bacon, which adds a satisfying flavor to the dish.

These nuggets have a very similar flavor to their American cousin, the chicken nuckelle, which is a traditional, salty-sweetened, fried chicken.

It usually comes with bacon or chicken in the crust, and sometimes a fried egg or bacon sandwich.

I love them because I don’t have to worry about what to put on my chicken nuke when I go to this restaurant.

The fried chicken is so good, I often eat a chicken or chicken nukkelle as a snack before I get out of the restaurant.

You can’t go wrong with either.

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