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Delicious Australia has been voted Australia’s favorite dessert restaurant for 2017 by readers of its food blog.

The popular dessert blog has become a major source of food news for Australians, with readers of the popular blog sharing photos and stories of their favourite desserts and the foods that make up their favourite dishes.

“The food blogs of Australia are now a significant source of our food news and we’ve also received many interesting emails from readers,” wrote reader JB from Sydney, “I’m very happy to see that this is the case, I’m looking forward to our new food blog.”

The blog, which was founded in 2014 by journalist Paul Kelly, was launched to highlight the Australian food scene and was named Australia’s most popular food blog in 2017 by food blog website Eater Australia.

Delicious Australia received more than 2,500 nominations for its top ten best food blog of the year, with the award also going to The Kitchener Globe and the Daily Telegraph.

“I can’t wait to see what Delicious Australia’s next big thing is,” wrote one reader, who named the blog as the “best place to eat in Sydney”.

The award was announced by Food and Drink magazine, the industry’s main trade journal, which is published by ABC Media.

“Our editors have a long history of recognising and promoting the best food blogs and we are thrilled to be recognised by Delicious Australia as the #1 food blog,” said Food and Entertainment magazine chief executive, Mike Nevin.

“We have a huge list of the top 20 food blogs in Australia, and this is only the second time the award has been given to a food blog from the UK.”

The top 10 list of Delicious Australia nominees also included Food and Wine magazine and Eater Australia, while other winners included The Kitchenerbug and The New York Times Best of Australian Food.

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