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— When a friend asked me to pick up a bag of chips for dinner, I was skeptical.

The chips had a little bit of a flavor that I didn’t like.

But after I picked them up, I didn and ordered a whole bag of them.

My friend’s father had just died.

When I picked up the chips, I knew I was in for a treat.

It was perfect.

I never order food again.

My husband has a great appetite, but we rarely eat in restaurants.

He likes to go to the movies and to eat dinner out at restaurants.

So we went to a Cuban-style restaurant in San Francisco, and we loved it.

There’s a place right by our house that serves a lot of different kinds of food, and I found myself craving that Cuban food.

The food was excellent, and the atmosphere was friendly.

So I ordered two bagel sandwiches, one of which had shrimp and chicken.

My friends said they’d love it.

I’m going to go back to my home country for dinner.

I like to eat here and I think I’ll come back.