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Deliciosa is a small, family-run eatery on the outskirts of Paris.

It is open six days a week and serves dishes like cousine and fried fish, but its real selling point is the delicious food it serves.

Chef Guido Pizzaro started the restaurant in 2005.

It has since grown to serve over 30,000 meals a year, and it has been on the map for some time, having appeared on a list of the 100 best restaurants in France published in 2014.

This year, Delicias was voted number one on the Michelin list of best restaurants by a panel of judges.

In addition to being a top French restaurant, Delics is also famous for its vegetarian food and is known for its French-style pasta.

Here, we’ve compiled the best deli food in France and the best Italian deli dishes in the world.


The deli at Delicies is packed with food for the price of a bag of chips.

The prices are very reasonable.


This dish has everything.

It’s a classic deli dish.

You’ll want to have the pasta.


You won’t find a better selection of pasta at a deli.

It comes with cheese, mushrooms, basil, and oregano.


The basil is not just good for the salad.

The garlic adds a touch of sweetness.


The pasta is just as good as it sounds.

They serve the pasta with a sweet sauce that adds just the right amount of tang.


This pasta has a lovely creamy consistency.

They make it so the sauce is extra creamy.


The sausage and ham are good for a little kick.

They’re topped with roasted garlic and tomatoes and then topped with a generous serving of the cheese.


This is a must-order for anyone who loves Italian pasta.

You can’t go wrong with the sauce.


This was the first dish we ordered from Delicius.

It was fantastic.


This one was the perfect compliment to the dish that came with it.

We’re glad we chose it. 11.

This wasn’t the first time we tried this dish.

We had tried a pasta dish with chicken before and it was a disappointment.


This sauce is delicious.

It gives the pasta a nice bite of everything.


The cheese is the best in the restaurant.

You get a good amount of it.

The only problem is that it comes with the sauces, which you can’t get anywhere else.


The ham and sausages are great too.

They complement each other nicely.


This isn’t your typical Italian pasta dish.

It uses a lot of garlic and mushrooms, but it also comes with basil and oregono.

It makes for a wonderful sauce.


This deli has a great selection of cheeses.

You don’t need a lot to satisfy your cravings.


We don’t know if it was our first time, but this dish was definitely something new for us. 18.

We ordered a pizza here for dinner.

We ended up not eating it, but we enjoyed the fact that it came with two different sauces and two different toppings.


The pizza came out very hot, but not to the point of burning.

It also came with a slice of pepperoni.


The sauce came out really nice and we liked the addition of mushrooms.

It came with cheese too.


The crust was very good.

We thought it would have a bit more thickness but we were pleasantly surprised.


The bread was really soft and chewy.

It had a nice flavor.


The pepperoni was very crispy and crunchy.

We like it!


The chicken was very flavorful and had a great flavor.


The meat was very tender.

We loved it!


The mushrooms were very flavorful.

We liked them.


The veggies were really good.

They compliment the sauce nicely.


The dressing was very nice.

We love it. 29.

This meal was not too hot and we enjoyed our cheese.


We recommend this dish to anyone who wants to try Italian food.


We did not have a great experience with this dish, but overall it was delicious.


The tomato sauce is very flavorful as well.

It complements the pasta and the mushrooms.


We didn’t like the cheese that came on the side, but the sauce was excellent.


We really liked the pizza.

We think it’s one of the best pizzas we’ve had in France.


The service was great.

The restaurant was clean and had no signs that said it was closed.


We were not disappointed.

This Delicio is a great choice for a dinner or a dinner in the city.

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