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Now Playing How to Get Rid of the Body Scrub: This is a simple way to get rid of dead skin cells Now Playing Meet the Woman Who Has Everything Your Skin Needs Now Playing This is the perfect way to prepare your next breakfast Now Playing 5 ways to make vegan food taste good Now Playing Why do you always end up eating leftover chicken?

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Now An entire week of recipes from the experts Now Playing Your body is a wonderland.

It has the perfect mix of minerals and vitamins, and its unique metabolism allows it to do incredible things Now Playing 4 of the best healthy meals to eat today Now Playing Learn to make gluten-free protein smoothies Now Playing 7 foods you’ll never want to eat again Now Playing If you can’t eat breakfast, don’t fret!

Here are some recipes that can help you stay healthy Now Playing 10 of the most important foods to eat every day Now Playing Is your stomach hurt?

Here are the signs of a stomach ulcer Now Playing Could you use this as a healthy food treat?

Now This recipe will make your stomach happy and make your day much easier now Now Playing 8 of the 10 best snacks to keep your stomach feeling good Now Play How to make your morning cereal taste better Now Playing A super easy and delicious breakfast snack for you Now Playing Are you sick of eating junk food?

Here’s a healthy alternative Now Playing 6 recipes that make your food taste better than the real deal Now Playing There’s no such thing as a perfect protein, but here are some that are super healthy Now Listening in on the latest episode of Cooking With Julia with Katie Couric!

Now Playing Listen in on a new episode of the Cooking With Katie Couris Show with Rachel Martin!

Now Sharing the secrets of healthy eating, and how to get it right Now Listing of 10 Delicious Fast Food Snacks That Will Make Your Body Shine Now List Of 10 Healthy Snacks For Your Morning Breakfast Now List of 10 Healthy Protein Snacks To Get Your Body Up And Running Now Listling the latest in health and beauty news Now Listings of the week’s top stories, videos and health and wellness news Now What’s in your cart?

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