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RTE has been running a series on the different kinds of meat in Irish cuisine for the last couple of years.

It’s time we took a closer look at the meat on offer here, with a focus on the Irish style of cooking.

There are three main types of beef on offer in Irish restaurants and they are: ground beef, beef liver, and mutton.

The latter is the most popular, with beef liver being the mainstay in most Irish restaurants.

A few popular Irish restaurants also sell lamb, mutton and pork, although beef liver is the more common meat.

Some popular Irish dishes include the stew of the day, the mutton stew, and the fish and chips of the week.

Here’s what you need to know about each.

Ground beef: Irish ground beef is the main meat on most Irish menus.

It is typically made with a combination of ground beef and lean cuts of beef.

These can range from ground lamb, ground mutton, or ground beef with ground pork.

You can also buy ground beef for soups and stews.

You will find a number of different varieties of Irish ground meat, including smoked, roasted and fried.

Ground pork: Irish pork is a lean, tender cut of beef, usually with a little pork fat.

The meat is often cooked in a thick gravy, but also with a lot of herbs and spices.

It also tends to be cooked in an acidic dish, such as marinara sauce, or with a sauce made from beef, chicken or pork.

Pork liver: This is usually a lean cut of lean beef, normally with a good deal of fat and no fat.

It may be ground or cooked with herbs and herbs.

It tends to have a slightly different flavour than ground beef.

Pork meatballs: A common dish of Irish food, pork meatballs are usually served with vegetables and meat.

They are often made from ground pork, or lean beef and ground pork with a mix of herbs, spices and vegetables.

You may also find pork meatball in some of the country’s best restaurants, such the one at the corner of O’Connell Street and College Street.

Beef liver: A lean, dry cut of meat, beef is typically cooked with garlic and onion.

Beef is usually cooked in thick gravy or marinada sauce.

Beef shoulder: This cut of fat beef is usually served on its own or with potatoes, potatoes and beef stew.

It can be grilled, steamed, sautéed or boiled.

Beef patties: These are usually made from a combination or a combination.

Beef, pork, mutts, pork belly and beef liver are all very popular.

Beef and lamb chops: A beef chop usually comes in a bowl of rice and a soup of the evening.

It usually contains beans, onions and other ingredients.

You are likely to find this dish in most of the Irish restaurants in Dublin.

Chicken curry: This Indian-style curry is a mixture of beef and chicken.

The mixture is often served with potatoes or peas.

It might contain ground pork or mutton or chicken.

You might find chicken curry at some of Ireland’s best eateries, such in O’Leary’s and the Cork Hotel.

Beef brisket: Beef briskets are often served on their own or as a side dish.

You would find beef brisket in most pubs and restaurants.

They tend to have beef, lamb and mutts in a mixture.

You could also find beef and mutt brisket at some Irish pubs, such at the Cork, O’Bryant’s, the O’Sullivan’s and in the Ballymote restaurant in Kilkenny.

Chicken pattys: Chicken pittys are served with mashed potatoes, vegetables and rice.

The main ingredient is ground pork and beef.

Chicken and beef pattie may contain ground mutt and muttle, as well as other meats and vegetables in a curry, or the main dish.

Beef sausage: A sausage is typically ground meat and meaty vegetables with a sprinkling of herbs.

You have probably also eaten beef and pork pattises in your own country, and probably have a strong fondness for this dish.

This is a classic dish for Irish dinner.

Chicken sausage: You can get a chicken sausage at any Irish pub or restaurant.

You usually order a sausage, or a sausage with some vegetables.

The vegetables include peas, onions, potatoes, beans and other vegetables.

Beef soup: A soup usually contains rice, potatoes or beans, and lots of herbs in a sauce.

You’ll find a great variety of Irish soups at Irish pubs and in some Irish restaurants, like the Bickells and the Onda Cil in Cork.

A good selection of Irish foods, and a great way to learn more about Ireland, can be found on RTE’s Food Travel website.

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