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The wedding photographer who gave her husband a treat for his birthday has described how he was invited to the reception at his home after he had received the gift.

The wedding photographer from the Gold Coast had received a cake and a cake-shaped cookie from her husband Andrew after he gave her a surprise birthday gift, and said she was so happy to see her husband’s happiness after he received the treat.

She said it was one of the most memorable days of her life.

“I had to give my husband a cake,” she said.

“We went for dinner and the cake was so lovely and it was so special.”

The couple, who are from Melbourne, were both honoured guests at the wedding of Mr Goldsmith, 47, and Ms Moggs, 51, in March.

“Andrew’s a fantastic guy and he really appreciates me, so it’s so wonderful that he got to meet and be a part of it,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

“The cake was lovely and he loved it.

It was lovely.

It’s a really big cake, but he’s not too big.”

The wedding photographers shared their wedding photos on social media on Tuesday.

Ms Mogges said she had had a “great time” at the reception, and that she was “absolutely blown away” by the happiness her husband had experienced after receiving the treat at their home.

“My husband and I are really happy to have had the opportunity to have him come and see the cake and the cookies,” she shared on Instagram.

“It was so nice, and I’ve been a little bit on the edge of my seat for the last couple of weeks, so I’m really glad to have a little quiet time.”

He’s so grateful, so happy.

He’s a very generous person.

“The groom received a chocolate cake, cookies, and a birthday card.”

Thank you, Andrew, thank you,” he wrote.”

You’re so much appreciated.

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