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The country’s food scene has been growing with a healthy appetite and the growth in tourism, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for foodies.

The best places to visit are in the capital Bogota, where the city is home to a variety of popular restaurants, cafes and bakeries, as well as the famous Colonia de San Cristóbal de la Roja, which features some of the best Colombian-style bakeries in the country.

Here are the top 10 places to eat in Bogota that are also a bit surprising.


Baroque Cafe & Café, Baroqui, Bogota.

Barosco Cafe & Cafe is one of those cafes that you just have to try because it’s the place to go if you’re looking for something a bit different than typical Colombian cafes.

This place has a very high-end atmosphere, with a very well-equipped kitchen, which includes a large range of ovens and ovens of all kinds, including traditional ones like those used in the traditional coca leaf.

You can order a drink or order some appetizers, as they are not served in a traditional way.

There’s also a huge selection of meats, salads and other items.

You won’t find the usual food, but you’ll get a real taste of the Colombian culture and history.


La Vida, La Vítima, Bogotá.

If you’re visiting Colombia for the first time, this restaurant may not be for you.

This restaurant has a different atmosphere from other Colombian cafes, so be prepared for a lot of different food and drinks.

You’ll get to try the food on a plate, or order the food separately, as there is an extensive menu.

But you’ll definitely enjoy the variety of different dishes, especially if you order the bara and a bottle of wine.

You may even get some great bites to eat with your meal.


La Carretera, Barroqui.

Another popular restaurant in Bogotán is La Carrón.

It’s located in the historic neighborhood of Barroque, which has a big number of cafes, restaurants and bakerie.

The place is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and it’s not too crowded in the evening.

They have a variety for different types of foods and drink, and the food is fresh.

La Carrón has also been doing a great job with its food lately, as it recently won the “Best Restaurants” award in the 2017 edition of the National Competition for Best Bar Food in the World.


Pancho’s, Barrio de la Pancha, Barolona.

If your next visit is to Bogotó, you should definitely try this restaurant, which is one that has been around for many years and it is one among the most popular restaurants in the city.

The food is very simple, but the atmosphere is so romantic and warm.

It is also a great place for family dinner, as the staff are very friendly.

They will serve you some excellent dishes, and you’ll feel as if you are at a great restaurant.


Barrio San Carlos, La Carrera.

If the food you have is the same as what you can find at other Colombian restaurants, then you may want to try Barrio Santa Cruz, which also has a restaurant in the town of La Carrería, in the same town as La Carrcas, which you can see from the road.

There are a lot more options in Barrozas menu, but if you want a more traditional Colombian restaurant, Barrios Santa Cruz is the one to go to. 6.

La Chocolat, La Choco, Barria.

If I have to say, the best thing about Bogotaras food scene is that there are a few restaurants that are just as famous and have been around since long before the city was even created.

The first is La Chocula, which opened in the old town of Barrias.

This famous bakery has been serving Colombian cuisine since the late 19th century.

La Barriá is another famous bakery that has served Colombian cuisine in Barrio Santo and in the past, it has also opened a restaurant on the streets of Bogota as well.

They also have a restaurant that serves traditional Colombian cuisine, and it has become a favorite of Colombians in the last few years.

You also have the La Panchas, La Parco and La Choladas restaurants, which are all well-known Colombian restaurants.


San Juan de Bocanegra, San Juan, Bogatá.

You might not know this, but this is a place that has had a big influence on the Colombian food scene.

Sanjuan de Boca is a restaurant which opened its doors in Barries San Juan in 1985.

It opened in Barreros Barri

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