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The United Kingdom is home to the world’s fastest-growing fast food industry, with fast food restaurants taking in a record-breaking £3.7 billion ($4.7bn) in revenues last year.

However, fast food consumption has also increased in some other European countries, with many people now opting for fast food meals over burgers, sandwiches and pizza, according to the United Nations.

“The UK has one of the fastest-increasing fast food populations in the world, with almost 30 million people now eating fast food in their homes,” according to a report published on Thursday by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

“In addition to this, the number of fast food outlets in the country has doubled over the last decade.”

According to the FAO, the UK’s fast food sector employs 2.4 million people.

While fast food prices have also increased over the years, the FAW report says that prices are “still falling fast” compared with other developed economies.

“This is the first time that fast food costs have dropped below the global average, indicating that consumer demand is rising,” the FAOW report states.

The report notes that fast-food consumption in Britain is up by more than 40% compared with a decade ago.

According to figures from the Food and Drink Federation, fast-casual restaurants in the United Kingdom have grown by almost 20% since 2008.

Fast food chains including McDonalds and Burger King have also been expanding in the US, which is home, along with China, to the fast food boom.

The fast food market is estimated to be worth £9.9bn ($12.2bn) worldwide.

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