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The best of Irish food is being cooked up in Ireland.

The country’s top food writer has compiled the best in Irish food and drinks on her blog, Delighted Food.

Delighted is the name of the Irish restaurant in which the author works.

“Irish food is a food lover’s dream.

The best food I’ve ever eaten.

The food I’d love to make myself,” she wrote.

She has created a blog dedicated to the Irish food scene and has written recipes and guides for Irish chefs, restaurants and bar food venues.

Irish food writer Delight and her blog have become a regular source of food on social media.

In March, she shared a recipe from her favourite restaurant in Cork, which she described as “the best Irish meal of the year”.

“My favourite dish, the best meal ever.

I can’t get enough of it,” she captioned the recipe.”

The first time I tried it I was absolutely giddy.

And then it turned out to be the best of my life.

I’ve been going back to it for years and it’s always been the best.

It’s delicious, it’s easy to make and it tastes amazing,” she said.

Dale has also compiled an Irish food guide, which includes recipes and tips for Irish cooking.

You can find more of Delight’s food in the Irish Times.

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