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“I was the one who made the first batch,” says Lacy, whose husband, Jeff, also a food journalist, is a vegan.

In 2014, they sold their first batch to the family-run bakery in a nearby town and the company now produces a range of dairy-free treats.

In 2016, they also started selling a line of delicious raw dairy desserts called “Cookie Crust” to a grocery store.

The name refers to a peanut butter cookie dough, but it’s a vegan-friendly version of an ice cream cone that can be eaten with dairy-less treats, such as ice cream and almond milk.

“We’ve made a lot of the changes that are necessary for people to be more vegan, including eliminating meat and dairy, but we haven’t completely eliminated the sugar,” Lacy says.

“There’s still sugar in the food, but the people who are most sensitive to sugar can now enjoy a taste of it.”

Lacy and her husband have also taken steps to reduce the amount of salt in their products.

“I always recommend not eating too much salt,” she says.

Her family, who makes only 100-percent raw foods, has gone as far as eliminating dairy products from their diet altogether.

Lacy also says she’s making changes to the way she prepares her desserts.

She’s started to use more raw ingredients and now uses a lot less cream and sugar, and now adds more fruit, and sometimes berries, to her desserts as well.

“You can get a little more bang for your buck if you don’t eat too much processed food, or if you’re trying to have a healthier lifestyle,” Lacey says.

She says she thinks the new approach might be worth the risk.

“The science is clear that more raw food can make us happier, healthier and happier people,” she explains.

“People have been eating more fruits and vegetables, and I think that’s what we’re going to see in the future.”

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