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In the US, there are currently four Irish restaurants in the Top 100 Restaurants in America.

Here’s a look at where you can get Irish food right now.


The Big Apple’s Irish Kitchen & Bar Irish Kitchen is in the heart of Manhattan and serves a variety of Irish dishes, such as Irish Beef, Irish Pie, Irish Coffee and Irish Tea.

Located in the Flatiron district, it’s a quick walk to Times Square, so grab your friends and grab a meal!


The Irish Inn at Times Square Irish Inn is located on Broadway between Madison Avenue and Central Park.

It serves up Irish Irish Cuisine in a stylish interior space.


The Dubliner Irish Pub The Dubliners pub, with a history dating back to the 16th century, was the first Irish pub to be open in New York City.

This is the oldest Irish pub in the United States.


The Royal Irish Hotel & Pub The Royal has been in the area since 1854.

It is located in the old building at Broadway and Ninth Avenue.

The pub has been serving Irish cuisine for more than 100 years.


The St. Marks Irish Pub St Marks is the largest Irish pub and also has a long history in the New York area.


The Cork Pub The Cork pub at the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue is the newest addition to the city’s Irish Pub series.


The Great Hall Irish Pub At the corner in the Grand Central, you can enjoy Irish food and Irish culture at a beautiful Irish pub.


The Rock House Irish Pub This Irish pub on West 14th Street is located just a few blocks away from the historic Rock House Hotel.

It’s a little hidden gem on Broadway that’s serving Irish food, and it’s got great music and live music.


The Liffey Irish Pub Located at the Liffy Gardens, the Irish Pub is the home of Irish music.


The New York Irish Pub & Bar Located in Times Square’s iconic lobby, this Irish pub is a great place to eat and drink.


The Stone Irish Pub Nearby on Broadway, the Stone Irish pub serves up delicious Irish fare and great Irish culture.


The Green Irish Pub In New York, the Green Irish pub has a good selection of Irish and Irish-American food.


The Little Tree Irish Pub One of the best Irish restaurants on Broadway is located near Times Square.

It has a great Irish food menu.


The Crooked Stag Irish Pub You’ll want to try The Crookes, located just blocks from Times Square and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where you’ll enjoy Irish Cuites and Irish drinks.


The Cornerstone Irish Pub It’s in the same building as The Irish Pub.

It specializes in Irish Cuism and Irish food.


The Grand Hy-Park Irish Pub As the Grand Park Hotel is just a short walk away from Times New Roman Church, you’ll find yourself at the Irish pub for good food and great music.


The Mango Bar & Kitchen Located at The Green Hotel, this restaurant has a fantastic menu and is one of the oldest bars on Broadway.


The Tap Room Irish Pub A popular restaurant in New Jersey, this is the location of the Irish tap room.

It also serves a delicious menu of Irish fare.


The Bluebird Irish Pub Bluebird serves up authentic Irish fare in the historic Grand Hyatts.


The Rivington Irish Pub Rivingtons Irish Pub serves up traditional Irish fare, from Irish Fries to Irish Beer.


The Olde Dubliner’s Irish Bar The Old Dubliner is located a block from Times NY, and serves up a great menu of traditional Irish food at a great price.


The Dormouse Irish Pub Dormouses Irish Pub offers a full bar, including an extensive wine list, Irish tap and Irish Coffee.


The Tasting Room Irish Bar Located just a block away from Grand HyATT, this bar is filled with authentic Irish food that is affordable and delicious.


The Blackbird Irish Bar Blackbird offers a variety and a great selection of traditional and Irish fare at a good price.


The Tavern The Tavern is located at the heart and home of the American Indian Center, and hosts a variety events, such the Indian Music Festival, the Indian Art Fair and the Indian Film Festival.


The River House Irish Bar This Irish bar is located next door to Grand HyAtt.


The Shufflebox Irish Bar Shuffleboxes Irish Bar serves up the traditional Irish cuisine at a low price.


The South American Cuisine Cuisine is one that can be found on the streets of New York.


The Cafe Cafe is a cozy neighborhood bar in the neighborhood of Broadway.

It features a full kitchen, and is great for eating a delicious meal.


The Coffee House Coffee House serves up coffee drinks, including a

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