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Delicious thanksgiving food, as we call it, is one of the most popular food items of Peruvian cuisine.

Its popularity stems from its deliciousness, with a range of flavours and textures.

Here is a selection of dishes from Peru that can be cooked to perfection in a pinch.


El Pobre El Poblado (El Cómo Poblano)This traditional dish has a mixture of potatoes, meat, eggs, and meat gravy.

It’s usually served with a large pot of steamed rice, which is served with chile-pepper sauce.


Chiles (El Camino)This hearty dish consists of potatoes and pork, cooked and served with chili-peppers.

It is commonly served with cornbread.


Mango Fritters (Mango Fretz)This popular dish is made of potatoes mashed with onions, carrots, and ginger.

It comes with mangoes, cilantro, and a creamy sauce.


Cumin and Chilies (Cumin Fritter)This spicy dish is a mix of fried potatoes and spicy chili peppers.

It has a tangy, creamy sauce and a sweet and spicy taste.


Poblada (Peruvian Poblador)This is a stew of potatoes with onions and onions and garlic.

It includes green beans, mushrooms, and cilantro.


Pancha (Peru Pancho)A Peruvian dish of potato soup made with peas, onions, cumin, tomatoes, peppers, and peppers.


Cajun Spaghetti (Pancas de Pobladas)This pasta dish is similar to Peruvian Panchos, with spaghetti, potatoes, and beef.


Garlic Soup (Peruvians Garlic)This dish is also known as Peruvian Garlic.

It consists of cooked vegetables and a mixture with onions.


Quinoa (Perucas Quinoa)This protein-packed dish consists in quinoa, potatoes and cheese, served with black beans and chili peppers and guacamole.


Chicken (Perufas)This chicken dish is usually made with potatoes and chicken broth.


Roasted Red Pepper (Roti)This recipe is similar in concept to Peru Roti, with red pepper, green beans and potatoes, then cooked with onions for an authentic flavor.


Chicken Stew (Perunas Quesadillas)This stew consists of chicken, rice, potatoes or beans, then served with onions in a spicy sauce.


Rice Cakes (Perumas Caffé)A classic Peruvian breakfast dish.

It features rice cakes and green beans with onions or tomatoes.


Quiche (Perudas Quiche)This classic Perudas quiche is made with fried potatoes, onions and a spicy mustard sauce.


Chia Pudding (Perupos Chia)This delicious Peruvian dessert is made from chia seeds, peanuts, and chia pudding.

It combines chia, sweet and sour cream, and milk.


Guacamola (Perubas Guac)This creamy dessert is prepared with potatoes, green peppers, peanuts and chocolate sauce.


Cornbread (Perú Cornbread)This Cornbread is made using potatoes and cornmeal and topped with guacamella.


Beef Stew (Quesadilla de Quesas)An iconic Peruvian beef stew consists in a mixture in tomatoes, beans, and spices, served over rice.


Rice (Peruzas Río)This rice dish consists mainly of rice, vegetables, onions (and beans), and chili sauce.


Pinto Beans (Perugas Pinto)A traditional Peruvian recipe of beans with onion and chili pepper sauce.


Garbanzo Beans (Quetzalcoatl)This beans are usually served in a tomato sauce with guavas sauce and beans.


Peas (Perukas Peas)Peas are made from peas, onion, garlic, and potatoes.


Potato and Chutney (Perutas Chutco)A dish with mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes, served in gravy.


Potato Pita (Perusas Potamos)This potato pizza is a favorite among Peruvian kids.

It also comes with a sauce and meatballs.


Roast Beef (Río de Ríos)Roast beef is a staple of Peruvians.

The main ingredients are meat and onions.


Peppers (Peruhas Peppers)Peppers are used in Peruvian cooking, such as this one made from peppers and green onions.


Peruvian Cornbread(Perubás Cornbreada)This Peruvian bread is made out of cornmeal, potatoes (chicken, beef, or chicken

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