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Keto is one of those weird, but surprisingly delicious, diets that can be achieved by simply eating less.

So if you’re looking for something to add to your diet, then try these tasty keto recipes.

You can make a range of keto desserts from coconut oil to coconut cake and you can even make your own keto flour by substituting coconut flour for rice flour.

If you’re a fan of rice flour, you can make this rice-flour pudding with rice flour and coconut flour.

If you’re not keen on coconut oil or want to stick with the more traditional, gluten-free flour, then you can also use almond flour or coconut flour, although you can find the gluten-Free brand on the shelf.

You could also make a kimchi with a mix of ingredients, such as soy sauce and sesame oil.

You’re welcome to skip the meat, dairy and eggs in favour of a combination of tofu and bean sprouts, although the latter may cause problems with your stomach.

Try a keto dish made with chickpeas and peas instead of rice.

This is a great way to get a healthy keto meal for a relatively small amount of money.

If making a dish with tofu, the tofu can be cooked in the oven to get the best flavour, while you can use the leftover tofu to make the dish.

If using soy sauce, use the soy sauce to make a sauce that’s good on its own or add it to the rice flour batter if you want.

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