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The new app, aptly titled Delicious Cat Food, offers cat food delivery to customers in the New York metropolitan area, offering the option to order food from vegan food sources like Deliciosa Food Delivery, Delicio Food Delivery and the vegan food company Veggie Bazaar.

Delicious cat food can be ordered via an app that works with your smartphone or tablet.

The app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices.

The app works with any mobile device that can accept the Android version of the Google Play Store.

The company is also offering an option for users to order cat food on their tablet and smartphone to the delivery service.

This allows the user to order the food directly from their phone and the delivery will take place on your tablet or smartphone, without needing to order from the restaurant itself.

Customers can order the cat food at any time during the day, and it will arrive in their home.

The delivery will be provided by a vegan restaurant and the customer will receive a receipt to give to the restaurant for payment.

The service has already been featured on an episode of “Fresh Off the Boat,” and the restaurant has also launched an app to allow users to make cat food orders for their pets.

The new app will be available to users in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Customs are also allowed to order via their mobile devices and the food will arrive by the next business day.

Customer service is not available for all restaurants, however, and the company has not announced how much cat food customers will be able to order at a time.

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