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It was not the first time the Indian capital saw a festive atmosphere, but the city was the only one that enjoyed such an atmosphere from January until October.

There was a festive mood in Delhi, too, with thousands of people enjoying the Eid al-Fitr festivities and the opening of the city’s new tourist attractions.

The main reason for the festive atmosphere in Delhi was that the city had received a flood of tourists from around the world, and was expecting many more from India and abroad.

The city’s tourist department reported a huge influx of visitors in 2017, with more than 6,500,000 visitors visiting the city.

According to data from Tourism India, Delhi recorded an annual economic output of $3.78 billion, which made it the ninth most populous city in the world.

This year, Delhi witnessed its busiest shopping season, with stores in all districts opening up, with most of them offering a full day of shopping.

As per the data, the number of visitors to the city increased by 17.8 percent from the previous year, as compared to 2016.

It is also predicted that tourists will come back to the capital in 2019, making the city a destination for the 2019 International Year of Culture and the 2020 International Year Of Science and Technology.

The Delhi metro has also seen a huge increase in the number, as the city has seen more and more visitors since the beginning of the year.

On January 11, the Delhi Metro recorded a population of 7,632,788, which was up 15.6 percent from last year.

A total of 6,621,811 people visited the city, which is the biggest increase in any city in India, according to the data.

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