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I am a dairy farmer in the state of Gujarat, the largest state in India.

I grew up on the banks of the Yamuna river in a rural area of the state.

It is an iconic place, with the largest river in the world, and it was once considered the capital of the Hindu Kush.

But in the last 30 years, I have noticed that my cows have become fat, they are suffering from obesity and a lot of diseases.

I have been working as a dairy husband and father for the last six years.

My wife, who is also a farmer, was born without a uterus.

It was an extraordinary event.

After the birth, I had to give birth to my son, who weighed nearly seven stone, while my wife had a pregnancy loss.

We have been in a long relationship for 10 years.

In the last two years, there have been some problems.

Our cows are not getting enough milk, the water they have to drink has become stagnant.

We also had to raise our son on our own.

It’s a sad story.

We have to take our water from the river, which is polluted with sediment, to use for irrigation.

We do not have any sewage treatment facilities.

The water in the Yamunas is not safe for drinking.

When the government started a project to develop a sewage treatment plant, they decided to give it to the farmers and the water from our well would be taken from the Yamur.

This has meant that we have to have our water treated, too.

The project has not been implemented yet.

We are still in the process of making plans to go ahead with the project.

When I first met the government, they told me that it was to get rid of pollution in the river.

But after we got a few months of work, the river water is not suitable for drinking and the river level is not adequate.

It does not make sense to go to the river for drinking water.

The authorities have not even allowed me to bring my son to the Yamuas river.

The river is polluted and there are not enough water to get our water treatment plant up and running.

I feel that they do not want to take responsibility for this problem.

We need a strong, competent government to implement this project.

I think that the government should also consider the plight of the farmers.

We need to look after the welfare of the cows.

We pay for the cows, feed them, feed the cows but they are not being fed anything.

If the farmers are not fed enough, the cows can die of malnutrition.

In my case, we have seven cows.

They are all very healthy, but they have started to become fat.

When they start to eat grass, the grass gets in their stomach and they get diseases.

The number of cows is increasing.

We cannot feed them grass for the long term.

We should make them grow hay instead of grass for their health.

If the farmers go to Delhi and the government gives them water from Yamuna, how are they going to get water from there?

I know the Yamumas river is not polluted.

There are not any sewage facilities in the city, so the Yamuvans water needs to be treated.

If we don’t get our Yamur treatment plant there, we are facing a big crisis.

If it is not built, there will be no water for us in our villages.

The government has told me they will get our treatment plant from Delhi.

They have told me to go for the Yamuni.

But the Yamuns water is polluted.

I will be waiting for them to give us water from Delhi and I will see what they do.

I will take care of my cows for the rest of my life.

If they can’t feed them properly, they will die.

It will be a disaster.