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You’re a real geek.

You know how to eat with your fingers.

You don’t have a fork or spoon.

You can’t pronounce the word “dairy.”

And you’re definitely not an organic foodie.

You think food trucks are boring.

They’re not.

But if you want to try out a new food truck, you’re in luck: this one has the best food in the city.


This food truck has more than 40,000 pounds of delicious food in it.

This is from the food truck that’s serving food at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (click to enlarge).


This vegan food truck is also known as “the world’s largest” for a reason.

It serves up more than 70,000 servings of food every day in Brooklyn, NY. 2.

There’s a reason why Brooklyn’s vegan food trucks aren’t just popping up in your neighborhood anymore.

The Brooklyn Navy Station is a giant facility that produces food for the U.S. Navy and its allies, and has been a hub for the vegan food movement in the U., since the 1970s.

3:00 PM on the Brooklyn Bridge.


This Brooklyn vegan food trailer is not just a trailer.

It’s a food truck.

It can hold up to 500 people and it’s fully loaded with fresh produce, meats, and veggies.


This New York City-based vegan food service is also the home of this vegan food stand.

The stand serves up delicious vegan food, like vegan chocolate cake, vegan peanut butter, and more.


This NYC vegan food cart has been serving food since 1993, but it’s grown to be one of the city’s top food trucks.

They serve up food from vegan favorites like “Baked Oven-Baked Almond Milk,” “Bean and Vegetable Soup,” and “Tossed Veggies & Kale Salad,” among many others.

1:10 PM on Friday.


The NY Post’s Food News of the Week is a roundup of the best and most exciting food news from around the web.

It will be updated on Tuesdays.

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