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A new study by The Irish News has found that a cup or two of coffee is the cheapest meal you can buy in the south of Ireland.

The research was conducted by a company that helps people save for their next meal and is based in the southern town of Clare, just outside Limerick.

The study found that the cheapest coffee in Clare was just over a quarter of a packet of regular coffee, costing just under €4.50.

The cheapest coffee was found to be in the local coffee shop, La Bien-Pit, which sold a packet for €2.50, or €1.70 less than the average price in the whole of the county.

The survey was conducted between January 15 and 22, 2017.

The cost of a coffee was based on the price in other shops in the area, including the ones in the town of Clonmel, and the price on a local supermarket.

The average price of coffee in the county was just above €2, according to The Irish Independent.

The local government of Clare is trying to encourage businesses to buy more coffee, and is considering a levy of up to €50 for people who do not regularly buy coffee.

The Irish News contacted the local authority and asked if coffee would be included in a coffee levy, and if the local shop could be fined if they did not.

The answer was no.

However, the local councillor said that if the coffee were included in the levy, it would be a “huge help” to Clare.

“We have got a lot of people who don’t have any money in the bank and this is the only way they can go out and buy coffee, said Clare councillor and coffee shop owner John McConkie.

The Clare-Limerick coffee shop La Brien-Pitié is also a popular stop for commuters heading to the city.

The coffee shop has a range of options, including a $2.75 espresso and $1.99 cappuccino, which cost just under a third of a pack.

The company that carried out the research said that while the average Irish coffee is around €2 and the average Dubliner is about €1, it was cheaper to buy a packet in Clare.

La Bien is owned by the same company that owns La Bianco, which also sells tea and coffee.

A packet of tea costs just under 30 cents in the region, and €2 in Dublin.

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